A brand new category in luxury resortwear, DİZA GABO embodies the spirit of a comfortable, yet luxurious lifestyle, defined by the personal style of the designer Bengü Aksoyoğlu Dizdar. Known for exclusively produced 100% organic Turkish cotton and its elegant colors of nature, the brand embraces a timeless style and refined quality. Founded in 2015 by Bengü Aksoyoğlu Dizdar, GABO of DİZA is named after Gabriel Marcia Marquez, who Bengü admired literature of, as a young woman…Her collections are designed for women who want to be accompanied by sophisticated comfort, while feeling effortlessly feminine in their leisure time. DİZA GABO is designed with an understanding of the female spirit, each garment is crafted to enhance the delicate existence of the woman nature by underlining the beauty of her womanly figure.